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We combine a client-friendly approach with years of experience and proven methodologies. Additionally, as a diverse, female-led company working in technology, we are also able to offer a unique perspective on your products and process.

Together, Shawnnah and the team identified two key areas where they could impact the innovative healthcare and life science industries:


As skilled professionals and consultants, with a proven track record of success, who could apply their extensive expertise to all stages of 3rd party product development and help clients avoid common mistakes.


As mentors and advisors, who for the same reasons as listed above, could help young start-ups in the industry find their footing and succeed.

With numerous products developed and an ever-growing investment portfolio, the team's
client-friendly approach is finding success on both counts.

Meet Shawnnah Monterrey


20+ years’ experience in the medical industry, Shawnnah Monterrey knows a thing or two about guiding innovative products to market.

Prior to founding BeanStock Ventures, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of California, San Diego and an executive MBA from San Diego State University, then went on to hold product development management positions across numerous global firms, including Illumina, Invetech, Medtronic and Carl Zeiss Meditec. Through this work, she continued to develop a passion for innovation in medical devices, life sciences, and biotechnology.

She also developed a strong belief that her diverse expertise and passion was limited within the constraints of the organization in which she belonged, and that, to make a true difference in the way healthcare products were delivered to the market, she had to set out for herself.

With that, BeanStock Ventures was born.

Meet Eileen Heller

Vice President of Operations

Eileen Heller joined BeanStock Ventures as a seasoned professional with 20+ years of operational and business management experience.

Before joining BeanStock Ventures, Eileen has held management roles in human resources, quality assurance, finance and business management. She is a talented multi-faceted professional with a proven record of designing, implementing and optimizing business process to support company growth.
Eileen sees the “big picture” allowing her to build teams, foster collaboration, define processes and implement systems to prevent redundancy and develop a streamlined approach.

Eileen is delighted to join Shawnnah, CEO of Beanstock Ventures, where she will have the ability to add value to the growth of the company utilizing her diverse experience.

Athena Certified

Meet David Thal

Associate Director of Product Development

David Thal has 25 years of experience developing software applications for clinical, research and commercial use. This includes developing applications for infusion pumps, medical imaging, cell morphology, fluorescent gel analysis, quantitative PCR, DNA microarrays and next-generation DNA sequencing. David is extremely experienced in developing software applications that have robust architectures and that are engineered with the latest software engineering techniques.

Prior to joining BeanStock Ventures, David was involved in developing a cloud application for cancer patients to find and monitor the recruiting status of clinical trials. This application was deployed using Google Cloud Platform public cloud infrastructure and Google App Engine compute. David’s expertise in medical software product development utilizing Agile methodologies is showcased in his excellence and high-quality deliverables.

David Thal is passionate about bringing medical innovations to patients that directly elevates the quality of their lives. He earned a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences and later completed his coursework for a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.


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At BeanStock, we take in a birds-eye view of your entire project, even if we are only responsible for a small scope of work. In addition to improving the quality of our deliverables, this big picture approach means that, at any time, we can step in to provide your company with the development oversight required to take your project across the finish line. By handling both the customer facing aspects of the product such as the digital design and implementation of the functional backend software, we present clients with a unified product that speak directly to your mission and vision.

We combine a transparent, client-friendly approach with years of experience and proven methodologies. Additionally, as a diverse, female-led company working in technology, we are also able to offer a unique perspective on your products and process.

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